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Get the personal and professional support you need during your separation and divorce from an informative alimony lawyer in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas. The concept of alimony payments is intended to provide a former spouse with the same quality of life that they experienced during the marriage. However, this concept has failed to adapt to the improving level of compensation that women now command in the workplace. As women rightly continue to earn more and more in their careers, the vast majority of alimony payers have remained men.

The lawyers at Kenny Leigh & Associates are prepared to make a case for you in any alimony proceeding. We take the time to detail all of your financial holdings, and we work to uncover any hidden assets that may skew the decision of the court. Any determination of alimony payments should be made on a level playing field, and our focus on men only gives you an assurance that your voice is being heard.

Your dignity matters to every member of our legal team. If you are the primary caregiver for any of the children in your family, you may be entitled to receive alimony payments from your spouse. When you have a legal team with our level of experience representing you in a court proceeding, you can be sure that your financial interests are in good hands.

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Whether you are filing for a divorce or are in need of an alimony modification, our firm is the right choice. We fight for the rights of men and fathers, and we serve as a counterbalance to any perceived bias in the court system. When a court is working to determine the right level of alimony for you or your spouse, it is critical that all assets be known to those involved.

Our spousal support attorney takes the time to ask you the important questions because the fine details often matter more than you realize. We help you establish a payment plan that works for every party involved, and we are ready to go back to court when a modification becomes necessary. If the cost of living should increase and your spouse is making more than they were when the divorce was finalized, you deserve another day in court.

Dividing a House in Jacksonville, FL

Post-Separation Support You Can Count on

Sit down for a consultation with our mediation attorney to learn more about your rights and the possibilities involved with mediation. Should that fail, our team is ready to do everything we can to ensure you pay or receive the appropriate amount.

Contact our alimony lawyer today for the rigorous representation you need in family court. We proudly serve clients in Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.