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At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we protect fathers by ensuring their rights are not being abused during family law proceedings. While both parties experience major transitions during a divorce, men are much more likely to endure financial hardships, especially when it concerns child support responsibilities. Seek assistance from our skilled child support lawyer in Fleming Island, FL, and we’ll work to ensure your support rulings are fair and reasonable.

Child Support Attorney Serving Male Clients

As a parent, naturally, your highest priority is to ensure your child receives everything they need to live a fulfilled, prosperous life. In typical divorce settlements, the father is often required to pay child support to keep their child’s lifestyle consistent. While our legal team is not advocating that men shouldn’t pay their dues, we’re aware that men and fathers can become financially unstable if they’re required to pay more than they can afford.

At our practice, we consider it our obligation to ensure child support responsibilities are doled out to our male clients justly. If you’re a man needing a lawyer for child support, our advocates will ensure that you are treated fairly throughout your proceedings and that your children receive the financial support they need.

Child Support Attorney in Fleming Island, FL

Taking a Rigorous Approach to Litigation

Following a divorce, many men have no choice but to secure a new place to live. This life-changing event may also require a job change and various other expenses that make meeting your legal obligations as a father harder. You need the aid of a dedicated child support lawyer to ensure you aren't financially exploited on top of all of these changes.

Work with a child support attorney who can offer a great deal of legal insight. Establishing a fair amount to pay in support of your children isn’t about coming away with the smallest payment possible. Unfortunately, in an emotionally charged legal proceeding like divorce, things can get messy. Without experienced counsel on your side, your financial standing could get misconstrued.

Our experienced lawyer for child support is committed to sifting through a litany of financial documents to identify any of your ex-spouse’s hidden assets. Moreover, we’ll work endlessly to avoid having your children used as leverage for greater exploitation. Call on our legal team to clarify your unique circumstances and help prevent potentially unreasonable demands for child support payments.

Contact our child support lawyer for the legal representation you need. With multiple offices statewide, we proudly serve clients throughout North and South Florida.