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Child Support Lawyer in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

Provide for your sons and daughters without becoming bankrupt in the process when you hire the right child support lawyer in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas. Due to the traditional role of the father as the primary source of income in a family, men are frequently responsible for paying child support. A good father does everything he can to care for the needs of his child, but many end up feeling mistreated and abused by this process.

The attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates are ready to counter this trend with a rigorous approach to litigation. We take the time to consider every expense and the increased financial burden you face as a single father. After the dissolution of a marriage, many men are forced to secure a new place to live. This life-changing event may also necessitate a job change and other expenses that make meeting your obligations as a father more difficult.

You need an experienced attorney that is willing to comb through hundreds of financial documents. This attention to detail is critical if you want to avoid being exploited financially by your ex-spouse. We know what it takes to identify hidden assets, and we do everything we can to avoid having your children used as pawns in this greater game.

A Child Support Attorney with Insight

Establishing a fair amount to pay each month to support your children isn't just about paying as little as possible. A responsible father is willing to pay whatever possible to ensure their child lives a happy and fulfilled life. But in an acrimonious divorce proceeding, children can often become a tool for greater exploitation. Without experienced counsel during this process, your financial situation can be deliberately misconstrued.

More than Just a Lawyer for Child Support

Clarifying your financial situation is important for a variety of reasons beyond just the dollars and cents on your support check. An unreasonable demand for support payments could lead to an ex-spouse denying you any contact at all with your children, and that happens far too often. Every man deserves a fair day in court, and our protection order attorney can prevent exploitation and even physical abuse when it occurs. When you sit down with one of our representatives for an initial consultation, we will do everything we can to address any concern you have. Your rights as a man and a father matter.

Contact our child support lawyer today for the legal representation you need. We proudly serve clients in Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.