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Child Custody Lawyers in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

Protect the bonds you have spent years cultivating with your children and manage this painful process with class with the help of our child custody lawyers in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas. Every lawyer at Kenny Leigh & Associates understands how painful a divorce can be for children, and how they can quickly become pawns in any dispute.

We are ready to make the case that you should be the primary caregiver of your children, even in the face of an established tendency to favor mothers in such proceedings. When the existing custody agreement becomes invalid or untenable for a variety of reasons, our team of lawyers is ready to begin the process of custody modification. Instead of enduring a drawn-out process that disproportionately favors the mother, hire a law firm that fights for the rights of men and fathers.

Prove your worth and demonstrate your abilities as a single father in any custody proceeding with the reasoned representation we provide to the men we serve. When you establish a partnership with our specialized law firm, you get a lawyer with an unrelenting approach to casework and research. Our attorney is ready to make the strongest case possible for whatever form of custody you feel is the most appropriate for you as a father.

Innovative Child Custody Attorneys

As the landscape of family law in the state of Florida changes, you need a team of lawyers with a focus on the rights of men and fathers. For years, the majority of custody cases ended with the mother being given primary custody of the child. Once you have determined the role you wish to play in the lives of your children, the next step involves securing representation from a law firm focused on the rights of men and fathers.

When you meet with a family custody lawyer from our firm, we can educate you on the types of arrangements available to single fathers in Florida. Whether you wish to have sole custody of the child or joint custody with your ex-spouse, it is important to ensure your voice is heard.

A Family Custody Attorney for Fathers

Just because you are a man does not mean you forfeit your rights as a father, or even as a grandfather. Our firm acts as a voice for grandparents and parents alike. Instead of forcing your children to shuffle from one residence to another, give them a place of their own and sense of worth. This firm can offer you a child visitation lawyer when you begin to feel shut off from your own flesh and blood. Reverse the trend of fathers paying more than mothers with the help of our child support lawyers, and stop any physical abuse you have experienced with the representation offered by our protection order attorney.

Contact our child custody lawyers today for the help you need during any dispute. We proudly serve clients in Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.