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Eliminate the complication and guesswork involved with legally ending your marriage when you choose a divorce attorney in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas, that works exclusively with men. A divorce is a traumatic time for any man—especially if there are children involved. The team at Kenny Leigh & Associates has the resources and reach needed to manage every aspect of this difficult process.

We do everything we can to level the playing field for the men and fathers we represent. That includes intensive in-house training and unyielding standards that go beyond what is required by the Florida Bar. Our firm is prepared to negotiate with your spouse's lawyer through a mediation process if possible. We take the time to investigate every angle so that any hidden assets can be revealed prior to any decision regarding spousal support.

After any divorce decree has been established, a modification may be needed if your financial situation should change. You have children to care for and a life to live, and the process of finalizing a divorce can quickly consume anyone's time. Our lawyers handle every aspect of this ordeal in a compassionate and professional manner. This helps you provide for those who matter the most, and it helps you get back to the business of living your life.

A Divorce Lawyer with Compassion

When a marriage ends, much of society's focus turns to the plight of the woman involved. This tends to obscure the legitimate challenges faced by a man during any divorce proceeding. Our firm is focused on protecting the rights of men both before and after a divorce has been finalized.

During the period after a divorce has been resolved, financial changes and life events can render the existing decree and payment plan practically obsolete. Finding the right lawyer to represent you during any divorce modification is just as critical as securing an attorney for the initial divorce.

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A Full Suite of Divorce Services

Secure a lawyer that has the training and experience needed for every step of this process. You need qualified legal counsel to negotiate any prenuptial or post-marital agreements in order to protect your financial and custodial rights. You have worked too hard over the course of your life just to give it all up without a fight. Meet with one of our attorneys before you consider filing for divorce. We are here to listen to your needs and act as your voice in a court of law.

Contact us today for a divorce attorney that is capable of representing you during any divorce modification. We proudly serve clients in Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.