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Are you a man needing a family attorney in Fleming Island, FL? At the law offices of Kenny Leigh & Associates, our capable team knows to how to protect men’s rights in various matters. We have a keen understanding of the unique challenges that men and fathers face in the family court system.  Our advocates are committed to protecting our clients’ rights as well as providing stability at every turn of the legal process.

Family law disputes, by their nature, can lead to highly emotional, intense proceedings. Custody agreements, divorce, and other legal contentions must be handled with a sensitive approach to minimize the risk of long-term negative consequences. After more than 16 years, our dedicated legal team has developed a reputation for being a partner men can count on. 

At our firm, you’ll find a knowledgeable men’s family attorney who’s prepared to help you through every part of the legal process. When you turn to our team, not only will you be backed by a family law attorney well versed in men’s family law, but you’ll also receive some of the highest quality personal and professional care available.

Father and Son in Fleming Island, FL

Sensible Advocates Handling Cases Delicately

We focus strictly on serving male clients because we firmly believe men deserve to have their rights protected. Unfortunately, the courtroom often exhibits biases against men, especially in family law proceedings. That’s why our attorneys are committed to helping male clients through some of the most stressful, turbulent issues two parties can face. When you’re looking for a family attorney for men, you can call on our advocates to aggressively represent you and ensure your voice is heard.

Legal issues that divide the family can damage important relationships and potentially ruin the lives of multiple parties if they’re not handled properly. From custody disputes and child support settlements to divisions of assets and liabilities, these types of circumstances can be extremely difficult for those involved. Our advocates will provide you sound legal advice and the support necessary to help you reach a fair agreement that serves your family’s best interest.

Offering Excellent Personal and Professional Service

If you’re seeking representation from a men’s family attorney to protect your rights as a father or for any other related dispute, bring your case before our team as soon as possible. Our family law attorneys have faced and solved a wide variety of challenging legal dilemmas. Rest assured that we’ll leave nothing to chance as we strive to help you earn a fair ruling in your case.

Contact our firm to discuss the intricacies of your family law case with our knowledgeable attorneys. With multiple offices statewide, we proudly serve clients throughout North and South Florida.