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In today’s modern world, both parents work to support their families. Just as mothers do, fathers play an integral role in the lives of their children and their rights must be upheld. Historically, however, men haven’t always received fair treatment in their pursuit of custody agreements, divorce, and other legal contentions. That’s why, at Kenny Leigh & Associates, our team stands up for the rights of men in family law cases. When you’re looking for a skilled family attorney for men in Jacksonville, FL, our zealous representatives are here to even the legal playing field. 

Family Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Advocates Well-Versed in Men-Only Family Law

The laws concerning fathers’ visitation rights and other contentions are quite complex, so it’s in your best interest to seek the aid of a men-only family attorney well-versed in these unique legal disputes. For close to two decades, we’ve worked closely with men in the community, defended their rights in matters of family law, and helped them fight for their rights as fathers.

Our firm protects the rights of men and fathers at every stage of the marital process. No matter how disproportionate or equal the assets of you and your partner may be, it makes sense to establish prenuptial agreements for custody and spousal support. Should you need a qualified alimony or divorce attorney, our firm has a skilled representative well-versed in men-only family law who’s ready to assist you. We’ll leave nothing to chance as we help you seek a fair ruling in your proceeding.

A Men’s Family Attorney Serving Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas

This firm protects the rights of men and fathers at every stage of the marital process. Should the marriage begin to deteriorate, consider hiring a mediation attorney before taking things to court. Should you need a qualified divorce attorney, our firm has someone ready in your community. We have an office in Jacksonville, FL and Fleming Island as well.

Contact our firm to seek assistance from a men’s only attorney with your family law case. We proudly serve clients in Jacksonville, Fleming Island, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.