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Family law disputes are rarely simple, especially when they involve custody of children or property. They’re an even more massive undertaking if you’re a man attempting to voice your side in a legal dispute. If you’re seeking a family mediation attorney in Fleming Island, FL, turn to the legal team at Kenny Leigh & Associates for help with your proceedings. No matter if you’re contesting custody, property, or something else, you can count on our experienced mediators to help you reach the fairest resolution.

The Value of a Lawyer for Mediation

While no manner of dispute resolution offers a guaranteed outcome, mediation, by design, gives two individuals the opportunity to reach an agreement that serves their needs collectively. Generally speaking, men and fathers aren’t favored by the court system in divorce and other family law proceedings. That’s why our qualified mediation lawyer is here to level the legal playing field for men looking to have their voices heard.

Mediation Attorney in Fleming Island, FL

At our practice, we strive to counteract the biases that make it difficult for men and fathers in the family court system. Working strictly with male clients, our mediation lawyer provides the legal representation you need to adequately showcase your contributions to your family and your role within your marriage. You can count on our skilled advocates to represent you in the best possible legal manner both in and outside of the courtroom.

Protecting Your Interests In Your Proceedings

Opting for dispute resolution instead of litigation allows both parties to find an agreeable solution and avoid the unpredictable outcomes that a trial can bring. When you need a skilled attorney for mediation, we’ll proudly serve as your facilitator as you and your opposing party aim to reach an agreeable resolution. Let us get to the heart of the matter quickly. Put our arbitrators to work for you and see our skill and professionalism firsthand. No matter what the issue at hand, we’re ready to assist you. 

Join numerous other male clients who have sought dispute resolution from our mediation attorney as an alternative to pushing their family law disputes through the court system. We serve you by helping you avoid the uncertain environment of traditional litigation. Visit our law office to schedule a consultation and determine how to best move forward with your dispute.

Contact our firm to work with our mediation attorney for men. With multiple offices statewide, we proudly serve clients throughout North and South Florida.