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Find common ground with your spouse before any divorce proceeding is taken to court with the help of our mediation attorney in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas. The lawyers at Kenny Leigh & Associates are ready to provide you with the legal representation you need during any mediation session. These sessions are required by Florida law for any couple seeking to dissolve their marriage. This requirement helps to ease the backlog that the courts face, and it has proven to be a moderating influence with two disputing parties.

As a man and a father, you deserve the best legal representation possible during a mediation session. Even with the outside perspective offered by a mediator, men find it difficult to accurately characterize their contributions to the particular marriage in question. You need an experienced lawyer that understands the mediation process to represent you at all times.

Prove your worth as a father and protect your financial interests during any mediation session with the help of our legal team. These proceedings are critical to the ultimate resolution of your divorce proceeding, and they should never be taken lightly. Remove the emotion from the process and find a resolution that everyone can agree to with our help.

Gavel and Mediation Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

An Essential Mediation Lawyer

Secure the legal representation you need as early in the process as possible so that you can be assured that your voice is heard. Men often feel like they are at a disadvantage during any stage of the divorce process. Courts have traditionally sided with the interests of the mother when mediating a dispute between parents, and fathers struggle to make their case for custody.

Because of the mediation requirement for divorce in the state of Florida, it is critical that you choose a team of child custody lawyers for mediation and modification. When you have an experienced lawyer that specializes in serving only men in matters regarding family law, you give yourself a better chance of having your case heard fairly.

Navigate Every Stage of the Process

Instead of guessing your way through the early stages of this process, hire a lawyer for mediation with your best interests in mind. When you consider how complicated this process can become and the time involved for you and your children, hiring an attorney for mediation is a wise investment in your future. Find as many areas of agreement with your spouse as possible before your divorce is taken to court, and return your focus to your children and your career.

Contact us today to hire a mediation attorney that understands the unique challenges faced by fathers. We proudly serve clients in Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.