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Seek Help from a Protection Order Attorney in Fleming Island, FL

When it comes to family law, men generally are seen as aggressors or offenders, especially in cases of abuse or harassment. However, women are just as capable of being aggressive in relationships. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we offer protective legal services to male clients who feel their spouse is threatening either their well being or their children's safety. Trust that our protection order attorney in Fleming Island, FL, can provide you with the legal support you need.

The Benefits of Working with a Protection Order Lawyer

If a man feels that he or his family members are being harmed in any way, a protection order serves as a restraining order from the threatening parties. While some individuals feel that it’s within their right to take matters of defense into their own hands without a legal order, it’s not the wisest undertaking.

Protection Orders in Fleming Island, FL

Instead, the responsible choice is to take action as quickly as possible by turning to our knowledgeable legal team for temporary or permanent protection orders. A protective order is a legal injunction designed to safeguard an individual from:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
In addition, if your spouse is committing the abuse or offense, seeking a protective order before your separation can provide the legal ground necessary for divorce.

Hire Our Advocates to Serve Your Protective Order

Seek counsel from a protection order lawyer that understands the difficulties you face as both a man and father in the family court system. At our firm, we represent men who are facing a wide range of threats. Understand that securing temporary protection orders are no sign of weakness or vulnerability. On the contrary, they can serve as the foundation for the start of divorce proceedings. At your request, our supportive protection order attorney can prepare documentation of the specific instances of physical or verbal abuse in a way that’s court admissible.

The first to take to fight back against an abusive spouse is teaming with a protection order lawyer that understands your needs as a man and father. Proudly representing troubled men, our legal team is strategically positioned to serve your family’s needs. You don’t have to ensure abuse or harassment a moment longer when you put your needs in the hands of our compassionate advocates. Share your troubling circumstances with our team if you’ve experienced abuse or threats of any kind, and we’ll work quickly to have them put to an end.

Contact our firm to secure a temporary or permanent protective order today. With multiple offices statewide, we proudly serve clients throughout North and South Florida.