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Prenuptial Agreements in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

Discover how prenuptial agreements in Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas, may help you to protect your assets and interests. Kenny Leigh & Associates is capable of negotiating a series of agreements prior to any marriage, which is appropriate for men with varying levels of income. Most of our clients begin with the assumption that these agreements are only for those with a great deal of money at risk. However, our team can educate you on the benefits involved with a solid agreement.

In the eyes of the law, your marriage is a financial agreement between you and your spouse. Regardless of how passionately you believe this agreement will stand the test of time, having a series of agreements in place relating to the potential end of this arrangement is a smart move for everyone involved. A divorce can be a painful and tumultuous time for any man, and your good judgment may become clouded when the time comes to divide your assets.

Eliminate the potential for confusion and acrimony by establishing a series of terms for child support, spousal support, and even the custody of your pets. A marriage connects you with another individual in a multitude of ways. Untangling such an agreement can be complicated and expensive without the right level of legal guidance.

Signed Prenuptial Agreements in Jacksonville, FL

Detailed Premarital Agreements

Lay the groundwork for a successful marriage and prepare for any eventuality with our detailed agreements. Few couples go into a marriage with the preconceived notion that it will fail, but many couples grow apart over time for a variety of reasons. Establishing a plan for your assets and the custody of those you love the most is very important.

Post-marital agreements that are negotiated in good faith can clearly define the financial obligations of each spouse involved. Many marriages come apart because of disagreements over money. With a clear set of guidelines in place, many of the primary sources of marital disagreement are minimized.

A Separation Agreement Lawyer for Men

When you hire an experienced attorney for any agreement regarding the separation from your spouse, your voice can finally be heard. Your alimony attorney focuses on the details involving the division of debts and the disposition of the family home. With increasing uncertainty when it comes to health insurance and pension plans, it just makes sense to hire a lawyer that specializes in representing men. Establish clear guidelines for child support payments and spousal maintenance according to Florida law, and settle any future disputes regarding visitation. 

Contact us today for prenuptial agreements that cover the division of debts and child support payments. We proudly serve clients in Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.